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Confined Space Access

Netcom specialist access offers a vast range of access services including confined space access

What is a confined space?

A confined space can be any space of a confined nature where there is a risk of death or serious injury from hazardous substances or is otherwise dangerous (e.g. lack of oxygen).

Some confined spaces are easy to identify such as:

  • Storage tanks
  • Silos
  • Vessels
  • Enclosed drains
  • Sewers

Others may be less obvious such as:

  • Open-topped chambers
  • Vats
  • Combustion chambers
  • Ductwork
  • Poorly ventilated rooms

Each year, several people die trying to access or working in confined spaces. Most of these deaths can be avoided by having the correct procedures, training and equipment for the task required.

Working in confined spaces might involve a utilities tunnel, the inside of a fluid storage tank, a septic tank that has contained sewage, or a small underground electrical vault. These are all examples of confined spaces. Confined space entry presents special hazards to workers, including risks of toxic gas accumulation, fires, falls, flooding, and entrapment.

In addition to the hazards posed by the design of the space, work activities undertaken can also pose serious safety hazards (heat, noise, vapours, etc.) that must be taken into account when identifying safety measures that must be taken.

Netcom Specialist Access offers an extensive range of confined space services.

See the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Safe Work in Confined Spaces guidance.

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